Takin' care of business.

Everyone was right.  The pain in my eye just kept getting worse and by 5:30--too late to get in to the actual eye doctor, of course--I was rushing myself to an InstaCare.  This wasn't easy.  I couldn't open my left eye, and because I've done that mono-vision thing with my contacts for several years now, my right eye is conditioned to doing only the close-up work.  Luckily, Alpine doesn't have much traffic.  
(And a break for some happy news.  Lenore and Edgar have returned.  They make their rounds from window to window now.  A couple of mornings Edgar has even come up to my bedroom, where he sits on the handle of the patio door, peeps in at me and taps on the glass.  I've given up trying to figure him out. I'm just glad they're back and will be watching to see where they put their nest.  Sorry, they're still a little too skittish for me to try any more pics.)
So, as I drove myself home from the pharmacy last night, miserable, lonely and feeling pretty sorry for myself, I got a phone call from a neighbor who has asked if they can have Gavin's car for their mother, who just returned from a mission and has no money.  I feel good about giving it to them.  A good cause and all that. But, dang. I really wasn't feeling up do doing anything more than just getting my sore face home, laying it down on the couch and feeling sorry for myself.  I told her that when I got home and found his keys, I'd call her.  Then, as I hung up, it hit me.  She intended to send her brother over, with his tow rope, to meet me as I got home. He was going to take Gavin's car.  Right then.  What was I thinking?  To orchestrate this for her meant going home and, partially blind, cleaning out my deceased son's car so that someone could take it.  Away.  Good cause, schmood cause.  I'm so sorry.  Not tonight.  I called her and bowed out.  Then I went home and had a good long cry.

So, you're wondering what's up with this picture.  Lyn saw Lincoln's upside down goggles and left a comment about kids, upside down goggles and shoes on the wrong feet.  It reminded me of my mom, who used to tell me about the little boy whose mom told him that his shoes were, once again, on the wrong feet.  He looked at her in dismay and said, "But Mommy!  These are the only feet I got!"  
And there's my lesson from yesterday.  These are the only  eyes I got.  This is the only heart I got. This is the only me I got.  Sometimes, I gotta take care of me.


lyn. said...

HOORAY for taking care of yourself!!!

So glad the birds are back, but remember they are fickle...

Don't give anything away that is dear to you until you are darn good and ready... :-X

(I just discovered the x key for for another emotional mouth... haha)

By the way what was the diagnosis on your eye...

Annie said...

Lyn- Looks like its an infection. I'm using antibiotic eye drops for the next week. And glad I'm not a pioneer.
Thanks for asking :-)

Sarah said...

I hope your eye feels better. I am glad that you didn't get rid of Gavins car yet. Cleaning it out is a huge step, and if you haven't done that yet, you are not ready for the next step, giving it away. Yes, take care of yourself Annie, I am glad you did. My Kylie always has her shoes on the wrong feet. Take care.

Heather said...


Can Cole and I come and visit you this week? Maybe help you around the house? I'm really relieved that you went to the Dr!
What great news that your birds are back! I'm really, really happy for you!
*I agree with Lyn- Don't give Gav's car away until YOU'RE ready. I'm super happy that you're taking care of YOURSELF! You're amazing!

shelly said...

I love you, Annie. Everything in it's own time...relax. Birds. Cleaning out Gavin's car. Giving it up. None of those things can be rushed. The only thing you HAVE to do is to take care of your health. To everything else it's okay to say, "Not yet". Take Heather up on her offer please! And I want to hear that you sat and played with Cole while she does stuff around the house. That's an order! I have a feeling you'd be making her very happy at the same time:)

Annie said...

Shelly and Heather, you are so sweet to me! But I'm not getting anywhere NEAR Cole as long as I have this sneaky infection in my body!!!! No no no no no! Thank you for all this love, but NO!