Happy Birthday Shelly!!!

She loves like an angel and gives like a Saint,
And serves with her whole heart, no matter how faint.
Her hugs are pure heaven, her smile like warm sun,
And her praise is like fresh rain--you just glow when she's done.
She raised four golden children, each gifted as she
Who're now adding branches to her great family tree.
And my lucky daughter became part of that clan
When she wed Shelly's Richie (a good Norton man).
Imagine my fortune, the joy of my joys . . .
'Cuz my wonderful grandsons get to be Shelly's boys!

Happy Birthday Sweet Shelly!
You are truly one of the GREAT blessings of my life.

I love you,


jdprice said...

3 cheers for Mama Norton! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

shelly said...

Oh Annie...now you did it. You up and made me cry like a baby! I can't believe you wrote me a poem! I'll treasure this always -- as I treasure you. Thank you so very much. I'd like to say "ditto" back at you, but that kind of takes a bit away, doesn't it? Please just KNOW how much I love you, too. We're blessed.

richie said...

I love you mom!

My mom IS an absolute angel. For real, I wanted to marry someone just like her and I did!

WOW-AWESOME poem Mama Annie!

Love you,


I'm Natalie. said...

Love you Shelly!

I'm Natalie. said...

I just have to point out that the pregnancy tickers. . . well my baby looks like a squid.

I'm Natalie. said...

and has a tail.

Annie said...

But it's a CUTE little squid.

Kelli Radmall said...

What a wonderful poem about a wonderful lady. I love all of your posts. I got real life satisfaction out of popping all of the bubble wrap in manic mode, I was inspired by your thought about watching the sunset instead of the market, and I wept reading about your forget me nots with Gavin. You are a very thoughtful and wise woman.

Annie said...

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for all that love!