Newborn Weigh-In, India

I found this photo, taken by National Geographic photographer, Lynn Johnson, on my son-in-law's blog. Not only does Kevin have excellent taste in wife selection, he is also the kind of unique and wonderful man who would find such an exquisite photo and want to share it. Isn't it beautiful?  At first I thought it was a painting, it's so perfect. I love the colors, the composition, the lighting, the tenderness the scene evokes. I was especially touched by the mother's hands. Look how they're poised protectively between her baby and the ground. I love that Kevin's heart resonated with this shot. Isn't Steph lucky to have such a man in her world?


Kevin Lavin said...

I totally agree!!! That Stephanie sure has a wonderful husband! ;)
Great post!

shelly said...

I agree completely!

lyn. said...

... and baby is going to be double lucky!!!

I saw this photo, too, on NG, and it made me feel like I could just reach out and touch them... such talent I applaud!!