Why Steve? WHY?

I am really doing my best to forgive Apple and Steve Jobs for giving their iPhone contract to AT&T, but let me tell you, it's hard.  Steve, I  l-o-v-e  my iPhone, but honestly, the fact I am now forced to be an AT&T hostage is taking all the joy out of it.  My calls echo and drop and echo and drop and drop and drop.  Often, they won't even connect.  AT&T, you are the Evil Empire of phone services, and I hate you.  Just in case you missed my drift here, let me be clear:


Years ago, when I had my first cell phone, I innocently stumbled into AT&T service and my fury began.  Their billing department was a joke.  My bills were always wrong.  Every month, without fail.  My calls echoed.  My calls dropped.  Usually they echoed, then dropped.  But I was trapped.  So I took deep breaths, waited out my hostage crisis, and at the exact moment my contract expired,  tore over to a refreshing land called Verizon, with a solemn vow never to return to the Evil Empire. 
Now, here's the honest truth: Never, ever, not even once during the years I was with Verizon did I EVER drop a call. My connections were always clear and crisp and get this:  actually stayed connected.  My bills were accurate.  Their customer service was friendly, fair and responsive.  My phone life was sweet and serene.  
Then came the iPhone.  Greg adored his and begged me to let him buy me one.  "No!"  I screamed.  "I don't care how amazing that phone is.  I will never, ever, ever be an AT&T customer again.  Ever.  Not as long as I live.  Never."  He tempted me with it's glorious features.  They are glorious.  I wouldn't budge.  Finally, for our anniversary, he surprised me with a beautiful sleek white 3G.  He laid it before me as if it were diamonds.  It really was exquisite, and the experience there in the Apple store was truly rhapsodic.  I caved.  
I have learned to adore my iPhone's features.  I love every one of the many cool things my little droid does for me . . . except for one cruel problem: once again, I'm being forced to endure AT&T.  I'm hostage to the Evil Empire.  And it is just as painful as ever.  Why Steve?  Why?


shelly said...

Please, just tell me that it's just their cell phone service that stinks!! I just switched our internet, tv, and home phone over to them...TODAY! Ahhh!!!

lyn. said...

I love my iPhone, especially the calendar that reminds me twice for everything I put in it...

I too have had a few dropped calls, but no echoing, yet.

Yah, why Steve?

Annie said...

I'm with you Lynn. I la la love those reminders!

Shel-I'm always hoping that somewhere, somehow things can get better. Maybe they'll ring the bell with their TV internet and land line departments. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Freddie said...

I can relate dear.. But to me Quest is my demon... uuuuuuug!hate them