A good thought

It's telling to think how many will be watching the Market tonight 
when they could be watching the sunset.
C'mon everybody, lighten up.  We're going to be fine.
Really, we are.  And more importantly, we are fine, right now.


Annie said...

I am SO SORRY. I've lost the link to this flickr photograph. My apologies to the photographer--the only thing I remember is that your comments were in Spanish. Lo siento he perdido el enlace con su hermosa fotografía! Pero gracias de todos modos.
-Annie Link

I'm Natalie. said...

when did you start speaking espanol? What did I miss??

Awesome post. Love it and you're right. We are going to be JUST FINE. We are just fine right now.

Thanks for the reprogramming. Love you mom!

lyn. said...

That was easy...