Like Unkie, like nephew.

This morning, I'm lovin my boys.  Just look at them.  
How could I possibly not?


escalatorsescalarscalawags said...

Annie, is there any chance i can get some picture of gav from you? maybe email??? emsta1133@gmail.com
whatever you could give i'd be thrilled.

Annie said...

Of course! You may want to peruse this site. There are some good ones here and there. (You can just take screen shots of them, or if you want, let me know which ones you like and I'll send them via email.)

I'm so lucky to have lots of pics of that wonderful face. I'll go through them and see if I can find some I think you'd like.

Recognize this shirt?

Erin Jane said...


shelly said...

Love love love those boys!

lyn. said...

Why is it that little kids can put shoes and goggles on the wrong feet and upside down and it never bothers them... :-D