Once again, Genius at Luanne's and the Norton's.

Yes, Luanne, Matt and Shelly, this is a Forest of Neurons. The image shows just a minute fraction of the cells and connections within the microcircuitry of the neocortex of the brain.
Looks a little familiar, doesn't it?

This last shot is a model created by scientists at Harvard and MIT depicting a complete neural circuit.  A close, close, close-up of a single tip of one of those infintesimally tiny nano branches from the top photo.  Kinda takes your breath away, doesn't it?

All things denote there is a God, yea even the earth and all things that are upon the face of it . . . Alma 30:44


Luanne said...

Hey thanks for giving us some bedtime blogging fun. Matt knew it right off...but he teaches biology all day everyday. Love your blog! And the pretty picture of you in your profile.

shelly said...

I cannot tell a lie...I would never have known this myself...I just decided I should cheat from Matt's paper because I knew he was a biology teacher!

lyn. said...

At least I was in the body... LOL

You're right Annie!! How can anyone not see the hand of God in all things...