Eat an orange.

Eat an orange. Just 1 serving of citrus fruit a day can help cut your risk of developing esophageal cancer by up to 62%. If you have acid reflux, or suffer from frequent heartburn, citrus is your new best friend

Here's a hint for sleepy time: 
A study conducted by the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia found that sleeping on your left side is the best way to avoid nighttime heartburn. Sleeping on your right side may increase your heartburn symptoms because the acid takes longer to clear out of your esophagus when you lay on your right side. While sleeping on your back can allow acid to slip back into your esophagus more often.


lyn. said...

I don't have esophageal cancer, or acid reflux, or heartburn, and I ♥ oranges....

So there you have it... you are right, Annie!!

shelly said...

This was all very interesting! I'd heard that apples helped acid reflux, but I didn't know about citrus -- both of which seems like the opposite of what should help! Odd. I LOVE oranges. I'm so glad they're good for me:)