Raising boys . . .

Dear Coleman,
I hate to say it, but 
this probably won't be your last visit to 
the Emergency Room. . . 
. . . or the last time you'll have to sit around in one for 
six or seven hours 
for someone to finally get around 
to stitching you up, 
or setting your arm, 
or your foot, 
or whatever else you'll probably break 
zooming around the planet 
being a little boy.
 Or a big boy, for that matter.
(Seems it pretty much comes with the territory.)  
Pop and I are very glad you're ok, though.
Tell Mommy and Daddy to do their best to relax:
I've been prayin' up the very finest Guardian Angels to 
stay close 
and make sure that all those visits remain minor ones.
But do remind Mom and Dad to keep that insurance paid up.
Boys seem to need lots of that.
I love you,

p.s. You're gonna think that little scar on your head is very cool.


shelly said...

Ohhh! Poor little Coleman! Boy -- I sure remember emergency room visits for all sorts of crazy things. Not fun at all! I felt like I got just a little tougher with each one, though:)

Gretzbabi said...

Oh how well i remember the still going on visits! How fun and what a great kid! Love your letter to him, what a great Nana he has!

Kevin Lavin said...

Cole LOVES this letter and says that the guardian angels that Nana sent helped him through the stress of being in that baby straight-jacket while they were sewing him up! Beautiful letter! Thank you so much :)