A cup of Humili-tea.

Don't you just love clever people?  These look like they're made with mini stencils--and I imagine that you'd just lay the stencil over your foam topped coffee or hot chocolate cup, then sprinkle over it with cocoa or cinnamon.  This is one of the billion times I miss Gav.  He'd be able to whip one of these little guys out for me in 10-15 minutes.  I'd love one that just said, "I love you."  Wouldn't it be fun to serve someone a warm cup of "I love you"?

I'm sure not going to be needing the "I'm pregnant" one, but wouldn't that be a fun way to make your announcement? (Oh. I just remembered. Last night I dreamed that I was pregnant. How random is that?) I'm so sorry that I don't know anything about the product or these photos. But I found the pics over at Amorology. You can drop over there and ask Heather about them.


shelly said...

Wow -- these are awesome! I like the "I'm pregnant" one, too, even though just reading it kind of made my heart stop! Hahaha!

I'm Natalie. said...

MOM! The other day I had a dream that Shelly and Rick adopted an infant!

lyn. said...

I dreamed three times over many years that I was pregnant... all of them before I ever was!! Therefore, the first time never felt like the first time... LOL

Now, I am going to have some hot chocolate with no message... :-D

lyn. said...

OK, Annie, Eureka!! [that means I found it]...

Go here to see he step by step instructions:

or, go here to watch a video:

and you can go here to buy the stencils:

They cost $10.00 plus $4.00 S&H and come all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania... and I have been to Vilnius and never even saw one them the whole time I was there!!

Annie said...

Lyn you are amazing. What in the world took you to Vilnius? (Besides an airliner, of course.)