Luanne, you're a genius!

Luanne, great guess! Photo number one is a water balloon popping! The picture was taken by Tyler Thomas and can be found on National Geographic's website.

And Lyn, your first guess was the closest. Photographer Stefan Eberhard explains his shot, "This is a manual long-exposure of the moon over one of the rides at our local fair."

Here's the Skinny: I have a widget from National Geographic on my google homepage. Every day I get a new, totally cool picture from them. You should check out their site. Just click here for the SkinnyLink to it!

So sorry. No Friday Fab Five until tonight. I am so outta here. I'm off for Disneyland!!! Hope you're going to have a fun day too! I'll be thinking of you while I'm on Pirates of the Carribean . . . Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's life for me! What's YOUR favorite ride?


What in the world?

It's pretty obvious I'm on vacation here.  I'm so relaxed, I'm only writing for myself, so it looks like the best I'm going to be able to post is pictures.  But here are are a couple of amazing photos off some pretty common stuff. What ARE they?  I'd love to hear your guesses, but first should confess: I had no clue what either of these was until I saw the captions.  I'll post the answers Friday morning. I'll be so impressed if anyone guesses what either one of these is without cheating!  Take your best shot.

Baby sea horses

This one's for you Heather!
(Betcha Shelly's gonna like it too!)


What a wonderful world . . .

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

I wish I had the time to embed the music to this song for you, but I don't. I am packin' my bags, gettin' ready to fly fly fly a-way. I'm off to snuggle me up some grand babies! Wahoo! But you deserve a little fun too . . . so you just sit yourself back, click here, and close your little eyes while you listen mah man Satchmo sing one of my all time favorite songs just for you. Sweetie pie, you are in for a treat.

Oh yeah.

Photo: A tiny school in the smll fishing village of Akumalu, Mexico


Meet Cole the Man

I know. I owe you an apology. I wish I could tell you the dog ate my homework on Friday when you were expecting Friday's Fab Five. Truth of the matter is, Saturday was the eleven month anniversary of Gav's departure, and with Mother's Day and all, I was needing a little extra R & R. Thanks for being patient with me, and hugs to all for your kind comments and email. Y'all are the cat's pajamas, the cream in my coffee, the me in my YOW! I'm going to make it all up to you on Friday with five fabulous eats for beautiful, wrinkle resilient skin--I'm even looking forward to that one--but for today, here's a little family dish. (Not as in tuna casserole . . . as in The Skinny on my beautiful family.)
This week aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and grandparents are all joining hands and hearts in honor of our beautiful little Coleman, who will be baptized on Sunday. (Would you just look at that face? Isn't he amazing?) Natalie did this shoot while she was on the mainland a few weeks back, so he's a bit bigger by now . . . but I just had to show off this beautiful family to all my web friends. Here's mommy and daddy, Kevin and Stephanie: and Cole's beautiful Auntie Jenny: Steph and Kev are the most adoring, caring parents you can imagine. Don't you wish every baby could be born into so much love?
Photos by Natalie Norton Photography


Missing Gavin

Take Care

Death is nothing at all
I have only slipped away to the next room.
You are you and I am I
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
Call me by my old familiar name,
Speak to me the easy way which you always used to.
Laugh at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me;
Let my name be spoken without effort.
Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was;
there is absolutely unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of your heart
because I am out of your sight?
I am but waiting for you, for an interval,
Somewhere very near,
Just around the corner.
All is well.
Nothing is past; nothing is lost.
One brief moment and we will be as it was before -
only better.
Infinitely happier and forever -
We will all be one with God.

From my friend Kathy at Beyond Indigo.com
An adaptation of the original poem:
Death is Nothing at All,
Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918), Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral

Please click on collage to enlarge.


In the beginning . . .

I was interested in seeing how our two Idol finalists looked on audition day.  They've both grown.  David Archuleta's look has gotten cooler, yet he's maintained his humble authenticity, and his voice is magic. David Cook's hair has definitely improved, I've loved being surprised at how versatile he is, and I really love the mellow, dusky side of his voice. Each owns charisma to the T's; they're both savvy entertainers, so it's easy to predict that each will have a great career, no matter who takes it next week. But if I were a bettin' woman, my money'd have to be on the sweet young David Archuleta. I think his win was there from day one . . .


Welcoming? or just plain Whacko?

I'm still contemplating details about that future dream house  I told you about a few weeks ago.  So, the other day, I visited my friend Judy's website and found this door knob.  It may be just my own weird taste, but I'm actually kinda digging this slightly funky hand-for-a-door knob.  But here's my concern:  Would it make guests feel a bit squeamish?  Tell the truth now.  How would you feel about entering the home of a person who would choose this as their front door opener?  Even if you're normally just a lurker , please comment.  Anonymous is fine.  I really want to know what you think. Seriously.  This isn't a joke. OK.  Stop laughing, will you?

And, for those of you tender hearts who were a bit worried about Lily's surgery . . . she's doing very well and sends y'all thanks for your concern.  She came home sleepy and really didn't want to hear about how much Dublin had missed her.  It took a bit, but he finally calmed down and let her sleep the evening away.  They can catch up tomorrow.

Now, before I run off to bed, I just have one more thing to say.  How 'bout them Davie-boys on Idol??!  We'll talk more about that tomorrow.  G'night now.  Sweet dreams.

I love Heather. I love blogging.

This is exactly why I love blogging. My friend, Heather, posted this beautiful commercial on her blog yesterday, and it completely shifted my trajectory--nudged me back toward sanity. (Notice I did say 'toward' not 'into.') I've been in TV's worst kind of rut lately. I've been using Friends reruns, Medium, American Idol . . . ad nauseum to hide out from the pain of my grief over Gavin's death. Not that a little break from my constant, aching loneliness isn't a good thing. But drowning myself in mindless televised drivel is a completely different ball game, and Heather's post reminded me of this.

I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies. They're brother and sister and have been together constantly from birth. Today, Lily, the little girl, has gone in to get spayed. Dublin misses her desperately. He looks for her everywhere. He can't seem to get settled, to find a comfortable position. He just wants his sister. Boy oh boy, can I relate. So, I've been giving him little breaks from missing her. I hold him in my lap, I give him carrots to chew, or a favorite bone. These are all healthy breaks. Because I feel so sorry for him, I could be feeding him bacon and beer and letting him chew the furniture, but because I also love him, I'm looking out for him and soothing him through his sadness in ways that nurture his well being and keep my furniture intact.

In a world where we're all facing at least some level of daily pain, struggle or loss, blogging acts as a kind of gigantic group therapy--a healthy way to nurture ourselves through life's grind. We talk about what we're up to, what we're worrying about, what's giving us a little joy here and there, what's getting us out of bed every morning. Last night, Heather's post reminded me that there's a better way to soothe my sorrow over my buddy's absence. She reminded me that the world is a beautiful place: wonderful and strange and thrilling and zany. Maybe I don't yet have the strength to go out into it and take it on face to face, but the least I can do for my aching heart is to stop feeding it bacon and beer TV. It may just be a baby step, but I'm going to remember to change the channel once in a while. Right after Friends.


Sweet Dreams

Thank you, Master Thoreau, for this little night cap to dream on.
'Night all.  Sweet dreams.


Ok, ok. I give. I'm IT.

The game is Sixes Tag and these are the rules:
1. you link back to the person who tagged you.
. . . and that would be lyn.
2. post these rules on your blog.
. . . Voila!  Telles sont les r├Ęgles
3. share six unimportant things about yourself.
. . . see below
4. tag six random people at the end of your entry.
. . . see below the above below
5. let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.
. . . you're gonna have to trust me on this one
6. enjoy the results.
. . . oh, all right!

Six UNimportant things about me:
  1. I make most things much harder than they need to be (like writing this list).
  2. I sometimes nap in my car.
  3. Parades make me cry.
  4. I know all the words to most Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee songs.
  5. I really miss Pushing Daisies,  Journeyman and Studio 60.
  6. I've watched more TV in the last 10 months than in the last 40 years.  Combined.

Oh yes.  I almost forgot.  This is what I'm supposed to put below the above.  The Sixes-Tag virus has been passed to: barefoot gypsy girl, heather, ashley, bayley, oma, and kenju.  Please click on their names to visit each blog and wish them a speedy recovery!  


All is well.

The following is the best Mother's Day gift I ever could have received--from the best daughter I ever could have imagined.  I am so blessed.  So blessed.

Dear Mom,

I'm breaking my "no posts on Sunday" rule for you on this very significant day. It is Mother's Day, yes, but more significantly it's the first such day you have spent without your sweet little boy. I know that he is thinking of you today and longing to be near you just as you long to be near him.

If I may be so bold as to speak for a moment in his behalf:

Dear Mom,

Hi Mom! Thank you for being so wonderful! There could not have been a better mother for Natty and I than you. We both feel so blessed to have you. You gave us your whole heart in everything, and always. What an angel mother you are. I know you miss me today mommy, I miss you too, but remember where I am and all the wonderful things that I'm doing. Remember how happy I am. Remember that I'll see you soon, and mostly, remember that I love you sooooooooooooo much. Ooooh I love you! I am nearer than you know. I walk beside you in the sunshine and I dance with you through the wind. I am forever your little boy, and I love you.

Mom, I'll see you sooner than you know.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Yours forever,
AKA: Gavin Son, Gavtron, Gaver Dave, Gabbie, Gavzilla, Venus. . .Unkie

PS. "You're so bamboo tops!"

Mom, we do love you, Gavin and I. So much more than you could ever know. We will all be together again very soon. Thank you for always giving yourself to us completely. Thank you for teaching us to work and to play, to love and to forgive and to accept others unconditionally. Thank you for teaching us to be independent and strong but mostly thank you for teaching us to be humble and for teaching us about He on whom we should rely for all things. . .

We couldn't have asked for anything better, not in our wildest dreams.

I love you Mom!
Happy Happy Mother's Day!

I love you so much, Natty Gann.  
I couldn't get through this without you.  
You are my angel.


Friday's Fab Five

Is it Friday again? Already? Wo-hoo! The weekend cometh!
And since it's almost Mother's Day, I thought you might like a SkinnyLink peek at some unique gifts (from maniac to must-have) for the Baby Mamas in your life.
Let's start with the (ahem) indispensable gift for any household with a new baby and big brothers. (Natalie, this one's for you and Lincoln. Steph, you may want to consider one for when Cardon visits. . .) Behold the amazing My First Riot Helmet by bulletproofbaby.net. Yes, friends, this is for real. And believe me, if you grew up in a house with big brothers (and are still compus mentus), you may yearn to kneel before the inventor. Someone call the Nobel committee.

This next find is for all you mamas who are married to men who are poopie-diaper averse. It's the Thanko USB Powered Mask Air Purifier. High tech daddies rejoice! This little sweetheart connects right to your lap-top and features two fans – one on either side of the mask – that draw in a steady supply of air which is then filtered to remove "pollutants." Hmmm. . . and I thought I'd seen it all. Can't diaper without it? Check it out at NewLaunches.com. Oh, and Mom? Be sure to invite his poker buddies over to watch him use it . . .

Oh yes. This innocent little lamb is hanging from the top of a restroom stall door. Mama-mia! What is going on here? Here's the Skinny: You're at the mall with baby, and you need to use the twah-lay (that's French for toilet). . . your only alternative is to enter a germ infested cubicle! . . . EEEEK! What to do with Baby?? Never fear, The Baby Keeper is here! (Yes Richie, this one's for you.) In fairness to the makers of this contraption, I need to let you know that it also functions as a pretty slick baby carrier. Think you gotta have it? Here you go: Mommy Essentials.com. Just don't come running to me when your child outs you on Jerry Springer some day. Remember, you asked for it.

The Congratulations! You get to sit near me! t-shirt.
Imagine flying for six plus hours with 4-year, 3-year, and 18-month old little boys. When my poor daughter and her husband fly to the mainland from their home in Hawaii, they generally limp off that plane looking like warmed-over extras off a Rambo-movie set. And though they do their very best to be respectful of their fellow passengers . . . well you try keeping three little boys quiet in a steel tube for 6 hours and let us all know how that works out for you. This is why I'm buying three of these great baby T's from Milk Bomb. Maybe a little humor will help all the big people on the flight chill a little and just smile through their pain.

Today's final Fab Five recently under went a very smart and tasteful name change, upgrading itself from The Hooter Hider, to Bebe Au Lait. (Excellent move, guys.) I've given several of these ingenious nursing covers to my daughters and they love 'em. Notice how the top of the cover stands away from Mommy's chest so she and baby can keep an eye on each other--while everyone else is allowed to keep their eyes to themselves. These heavenly little creations are da Baby Bomb: They come in a bazundle of very hip colors and patterns, they fold up small enough to fit into a diaper bag, and they're easy to slip on, even with only one hand. Ta-da! Modest munching!

I've been tagged-What does this mean?

Does it mean I wasn't running fast enough?
Hey. . . is this Kissing Tag? . . . (blush, giggle).
Or did the Cryps find my flat surfaces enticing?
If I stand out in my front yard on Saturday morning, is a giddy garage sale-er going to toss Greg a quarter and load me into her trunk?
Oh. No. Wait.  Is it on my toe?   Am I dead?


What am I going to do?

Dear Reader,
I just received the following email from the winner of the Have You Seen My Dog? contest.  I have also posted my reply.  Do you think the FTC or the FCC or the F-some-other-Big-Brother Commission will get me if I don't award this prize?  These are murky waters I've entered.  I can already feel creepy black critters bumping against my ankles.

Dear Annie,
Thank you for selecting me to be the big human/dog face winner. Except for a deluxe Barbie and Ken wedding gift set (she was bald with three wigs!), I have never won anything else. I KNEW I had it in me! However, seeing that you sent me books already (Thank You by the way), I decline the prize. It does concern me though, that so many people buy dogs which look like them…or do we morph into looking like them? Either way, I’m staying away from Shar-peis

Dear Terry,
I had to smile when you said I'd selected you to be the Big Human/Dog Face winner. No wonder you don't want to accept the prize. It doesn't sound like a very complimentary contest to have won.  I, for one, wouldn't want to be known as the Big Human Dog Face. But seriously now. I send my hearty congratulations on the Barbie and Ken Wedding Gift set. I'm breathless that I even know you. In all my years of Barbie-philia, I never dreamed that such a treasure existed. Wow.
Barbie Wigs. I'd love to just hold one; to feel the thrill of stretching it over Barbie's bald head. And you WON three. You are so lucky. So cool, kid. So groovy.

Now, as for Human/Dog Morphing Syndrome.  This is an important theory and it deserves great consideration.  I'll bet that's what's going on with my droopy body: It thinks I own a Shar-Pei!  This settles it; I am buying a greyhound.

And finally, you HAVE to accept your prize.  I'm sorry, you just do.    My vast, dedicated and trusting blog audience will be so disillusioned if I don't pay up.  And now, they all know.

Love, Annie

Editor's note: The above picture is not of Terry.  Rather, it is- 
Jan Vermeer – A Lady Writing
1665-66, oil on canvas 18 x 16 in.
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC


What do they see?

Could it be? No. Really? Yes! It is! It's BABIES!! Two of them! On their way down to earth--direct from Heaven! And if you look around, you'll find two very happy couples, four delighted, expectant parents. Oh, the joy of waiting for a new little person! I wish I could tell you who they are. . . but I've only just learned myself. It wouldn't be fair for me to be the one who gets to tell. So instead, I'll just say CONGRATULATIONS!! to the ecstatic couples! Woo hoo! Good for you and your babies, too!! You're all going to be AWESOME parents.
Quick edit for clarification: Regarding my phrase, "if you look around" . . . the two pregnant couples are NOT necessarily in this picture! Have I opened a can of worms here?  (she asked, chuckling wickedly). 

Because mommies love babies

This is for all of us mommies no longer have (or are
waiting for) a baby in the house to make us giggle. Enjoy!


Don't forget--Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11

If Mom lives far away, you're going to want to get that card or giftie in the mail by tomorrow or Wednesday, at the latest! Phew, that was close! Aren't you glad I love you like I do!

And here's a fun idea:  This week, I'm going to dedicate all my SkinnyLink posts to the love of mothers everywhere. Do you have a favorite mom you'd like to honor? Drop me an email (or click on COMMENT, below) and I'll be happy to give her beautiful name and your loving words a place of honor here on the SkinnyLink. I know, it's not quite as good as shouting your love from the rooftops, but trust me, she'll love it anyway! (Remember how much she LOVED that goofy clay doojamathingy you made her at camp?)

This world is full of wonderful moms . . . 

 First in line is Maddie who says to her Mom, Julie J:  I just want to tell my mom that I think she's awesome!  I love you, Mommy! -Maddie

To Shelly from Heather:  My mom is the coolest, best mom EVERRRRRR!!!!! This week I was just thinking about when I was in high school and we all had early morning seminary, and she would wake up at 5:00 AM and make us WHATEVER we wanted for breakfast! Mine usually consisted of a smoothie and/or grilled cheese sandwich (weird huh?). Anyway, I love you mom! You're soo amazing and you really are the hippest, coolest mom in the WORLD! xoxo, Heather

. . . and from Shelly to Heather and then to her own beloved mom: Ahhhh -- thank you so much, my sweet Heather! You make me cry when you say things like that:) My mom - Pat Christensen...my, oh, my, what a mom she was! I like to think I was really good on the day I got chosen to be her daughter - why else would I have gotten so lucky? She was full of love & laughter, strength and faith, art, wisdom, music, charity, humor, patience, beauty. Most of all, she really, really, really LOVED me! I love and miss you, Mom!

And here's Natalie's love for her mom:  So, my mom is definitely the best mom of them all. She's wonderful for a million reasons, my favorites of which are that she gave me a love of fine literature, an appreciation for the arts and the knowledge that I could do or be ANYTHING I could imagine in my wildest of dreams. She also thinks I'm really funny, one of the few people on Earth who actually GETS my humor. True story: I once caused her to wet her pants on the way down to the Subway in London. Yup, she had to ride all the way home with pee pee pants. Thus I am withholding her name to protect her from the humiliation of it all. But mom, I love you SOOOOOOO much.

This is fun for me. I know most of these moms, so I know, first-hand that what their girls are saying about them is true! From Lindsay: My mom is the ULTIMATE example of someone who never takes “no” for an answer… she’s such a “go-getter”! She works hard, cares harder, and loves hardest! I truly admire her!! Thank you, Mom, for unconditional love.  Hugs Galore,  Linds
Flowers delivered from:  Google Images, Wildflowers


And the winner is . . .

Congratulations to Terry from Rhode Island!  You're the Grand Prize winner in SkinnyLink's, Have You Seen My Dog? contest!  Please drop me an email with your mailing address and your choice of gift certificates: PetsMart or Barnes and Nobel, and we'll get that $25 gift card out to you right away! Oh yes, I also offered good old U.S. greenback dollars,--25 of 'em,--so if you'd rather have that, I'm happy to oblige. I figured it out: Back in the olden days, when I was a freshman in college, paying my own rent and buying my own food and gas, this same $25 would have bought me over 100 gallons of gas!  You heard me, I said over ONE HUNDRED gallons! True story. The station down the street from my little apartment (the one where the peeping Tom scared the bejeebers out of all of us--twice!) sold gas for only 24 cents per gallon!  So, Terry, if you'd like me to send the cashola, I'm happy to oblige. But please don't spend it on gas. I'm not even going to do the math on that; it's just too depressing.  A n y w a y . . . thanks to everyone who dropped by the SkinnyLink to play the doggie game!  I love you all--really, I do! 


All you need is love

Gavin and I met this peaceful vision of a soul amid the ruins in the main temple at Angkor Wat, Seim Reap, Cambodia. It was June of 2005, just 2 years before his death. We were awed by her pure joy and beauty, deeply moved by the love she radiated.  She doesn't own a cell phone or a credit card or a car or a checking account. She was barefoot; we later wondered if she even owned a pair of shoes. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through those ancient ruins, wet from the weight of the Cambodian sun, smiling and singing All You Need is Love. It was one of the very best days of my life.  

Friday's Fab Five

Welcome to Friday's Fab Five, our newest feature here on the SkinnyLink. (Now, that sure sounds pro, doesn't it? As if I had any 'features' before.) Be sure to drop by every Friday to get the Skinny on the best of the best of The Best! Today, we're gonna take a peek at some cool products Skinny loves to love. I hope you'll love 'em too!

Cover Girl LashExact Mascara Don't you just hate mascara that clumps your lashes together and then globs them with goo balls? This virtually perfect potion promises AND delivers beautifully-defined lashes. Coat number one makes you look like you came from the womb with marvelous eye fringe-which is all I really ask for. Pump up to two or three coats if you're more of a drama girl. You're gonna like this stuff.

AQuify Contact Lens Solution, by CibaVision is by far the best lens juice I've ever tried. Here's the skinny: You can use this stuff for a quick, comfort refresher. Just rub each lens for 10 seconds, pop 'em in to soak for 5 minutes and you're ready to wear your lenses again! Yes. You read me right--5 minutes and you're ready to wear those babies again. You can also use it for your over-night clean, disinfect & store--even that is only 4 short hours.
Give it a try. Your baby blues (or browns or greens) are gonna love you for it.

Crabtree and Evelyn's Goat's Milk hand cream is a MUST if you're over 39 and live in a dry climate (only one of which applies to me). This stuff is heaven in a little metal tube. Yes, metal tube--very Swiss. The moment you twist off the cap, you can hear the cow bells wafting down on the Alpine breeze. Your hands will be as soft and lovely as a delicate Swiss miss and smell like a mountain meadow. It's a little pricey, but Crabtree and Evelyn has 2 for 1 sales now and again. Besides, it'll set you back lot fewer Euros than a trip to Zermatt, and it's almost as wonderful.

TLC Chewy Granola Bars, by Kashi Let's face it, folks. Most granola bars are about as good for you as a handful of sugar with a couple of peanuts tossed in for crunch. But the healthy thinkers at Kashi have rushed to the rescue. These yummy bars boast a generous serving of protein, plus Kashi's signature blend of 7 whole grains and sesame, whole roasted nuts, flax seeds, and get this: wildflower honey. There are no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial nuthin'. I like the Honey Almond Flax and Peanut Peanut Butter varieties, but the Trail Mix are good too. Compare your labels. These guys are rock stars, hands down. Your body's gonna be so happy!

And now, my favorite for last. Since it's Friday night and Greg's out of town, I'll be snuggling up with bowl of buttered popcorn and a video. Let me tempt you with the little jewell I plan to enjoy: I Am Sam. Watching this movie is right up there with the magic of watching a lunar eclipse. It's the story of a mentally-challenged man (Sean Penn), who is suddenly thrust into fatherhood--a task which soon becomes much larger than his diminished abilities to handle. As his daughter (Dakota Fanning) enters school, social services get involved and Sam is threatened with losing her. This movie is intelligent, poignant, funny, heart-breaking and heart-warming. The sound-track alone will melt you at the knees. The cast is powerful: Michelle Pfeiffer, Laura Dern, Dianne Wiest, plus a few other faces you'll recognize with a smile. I wish I could find you an edited version--Pfeiffer's character has got a mouth on her--but I can't, so I'll caution you about language.


Found my dog! First round winners!

Well, all I can say is, there are some pretty smart puppies out there reading the SkinnyLink! Congratulations to our FIRST ROUND PRIZE WINNERS:
  • lyn.
  • gemma
  • terry
  • nancy sue
  • kathy 
  • michael
  • heather
  • pierces
  • max and duke (of barefoot gypsy girl)
  • amy
  • shelly
  • stephanie
  • votistdot (oh!  I just got it!  hahahahaha!)
  • barry
  • raleigh- who's answers weren't EXACTLY right, but wins honorable mention as our youngest player!
Now, I know that some of you feel pretty darn strongly that certain dogs from this pack would be a lot better suited to owners other than the ones they're matched with here. I feel your pain. This has got to be really tough. Why don't you take a deep breath and sleep on it tonight. If, by tomorrow morning, this is still an issue for you, drop me an email, and we'll have a good talk about it. I have a feeling you're gonna be fine, I'm just sure of it.

But, disappointment and heartache aside, I would like to offer a Big SkinnyLink congratulations to all of you lucky First Round winners!  Your names will go into our giant diamond studded doggie bowl for the big drawing this weekend. Tune in again on Monday to see who our LUCKY Grand Prize winner will be! 

And Raleigh, good job! You WON a pack of ORANGE TIC-TACS!  Watch for them in the mail!  and thanks for playing! I love you, Grammie