Top ten reasons I love my brother

Bart and Natalie on her wedding day.
Photo: Altus Photo Design  
  1. He has always looked out for me.
  2. He gives world class hugs.
  3. He is the world's best uncle, bar none.
  4. He would have made the world's best dad.
  5. He never complains that he never got to be a dad.
  6. He loves my kids like they're his own.
  7. He's always been there for me-no matter what the event or problem.
  8. He can make me laugh 'till milk comes out my nose.
  9. He's one of very few humans on this planet who gets my strange humor.
  10. He finally quit sticking his wet finger in my ear.
I sure do love you!!!
-Your little Sis

Do YOU have a favorite brother or sister?  I'd love to hear about him or her!  Just click on comments below.


I'm Natalie. said...

I stole this picture and put it on my blog. I love you.


They call me Annie said...

And I'm so glad you did! I love you more.

shelly said...

Happy Birthday, Bart! I think you're awesome:)

Anonymous said...

My brother Brandon has been my best friend my whole life. This makes me want to call him and tell him. Thanks you.

lyn. said...

Wow!! It's my big brother's birthday today, too! Tom was born on Easter Sunday four years before me. He is an awesome brother who headed up our family when both of our parents died when we were very young. Now, he is the only other member of our immediate family left on this side of the veil, and he is still holding us together. He can remember every joke he ever heard and uses them constantly on anyone he meets. He is never too busy to talk, and would give anyone the shirt off his back. He never judges other people. He is a true friend and I love him dearly!

They call me Annie said...

Dear Anon- I hope you did call your brother! I'm all for telling the people we love, "I love you!" as often as possible. Good for you!

They call me Annie said...

And Lyn-Wow, what a great story--so much in every line. He's a true hero, isn't he? Sounds like he and my brother (who is also the consummate performer) would enjoy each other. Thanks for sharing.

Nanc said...

My brother 'Stevie' is my forever hero, my rock, my best friend, the one who has loved me unconditionally and truly been there for me at any time, any day, any hour. Diagnosed with Parkinson's at 30 which was 29 years ago he continues to defy odds and be a beautiful example of integrity, determination, and pure love.....full of gratitude and an incredible sense of humour he reminds me daily to live life one moment at a time and to be thankful of the small daily miracles in life.......
Happy Birthday Cousin Bart!!! Little Cuz, Nanc

They call me Annie said...

Amen to that, Nanc. Steve is the truest kind of hero. Aren't big brothers just the BEST?!!! Give him my love.

taryn said...

i just added a post to my blog about my little sister last week.

you can view it here: http://newyorkrat.blogspot.com/2008/04/keimster.html

They call me Annie said...

Taryn-I always wanted a little sister. Looks like you got yourself a good'n. Congrats to you!