Old La'ie Cemetery

We've often been asked why we chose to bury Gavin in Hawaii rather than here on the mainland.  Luckily, in the shattered days when you're required to make this kind of decision, logic has little sway.  My heart knew though, without question.  And now, in retrospect, I'm so glad that his body rests there in that warm island sand, in view of the ocean where he loved to swim, surf and kayak with his sea turtles and whales. The gentle trades bring quiet comfort; the mountains in the distance hold his footprints; Natalie, Richie and the boys visit and remember Unkie whenever they feel the need. 

The heart always makes the perfect choice.


Richie said...

I love you so much Greg and Annie! I miss Gavin tons. I think about him everyday. We love knowing we can visit "Unkie" with the boys whenever we want just around the corner from our house. I know Gavin is so happy now. I'm sure he misses us but I bet he knows what were doing more than we think. Unkie rocks!

I'm Natalie. said...

I love you mom! I don't know how to thank you for keeping my brother close to me.



PS- Cool picture Richie!

Pierces said...

I love the story Natalie told me, when she took Ralls to see Gavin one last time before they barried him. She didn't know what to expect when Raleigh saw him, but how precious it was when he said, "Oh Mom... That's not Unkie!" because he didn't have that wild *SPARK* that he had when he was alive. GAVIN LIVED. Oh, and what a life he lived.

I can't thank you and Greg enough for sharing your family with ours. You all have truly blessed our life!