Watch very, very closely.

(Be sure to watch the video before reading the text here.  Oh, and sorry about the ads.)

I am always so fascinated by things like this.  How can our attention be diverted so absolutely??  No wonder magicians are able to fool us with simple sleight of hand.  I wonder if the brain could be trained to watch for both tasks--to get an accurate count PLUS  watch for every other detail--all at the same time?  It's no wonder even a valid eye witness account can still be considered suspect. 
Did any of your school teachers ever give you that test that started out:
1.) Read through all directions before beginning this test.  
Then the next 18 directions told you to do all kinds of tasks, from going to sharpen your pencil to writing your name on the back of the page to, I don't know, singing Yankee Doodle Dandy out loud, or some other very embarrassing task for a 3rd grader to have to perform.  Then, when you were so glad to finally be done, came the final direction:
20.) Ignore all other instructions but #1 and #20.
At that point, I HATED my teacher--and all the other smug kids (who had probably seen this test before) and had been sitting quietly at their desks for the past 10 minutes, watching the rest of us diligently make idiots of ourselves!!

How did you do on this little video test?  I'm afraid I'd have to be calling my insurance agent about now. (Good thing I don't own a Rodin.)  Kinda makes me wonder what else I may be missing.  Am I really sure about everything I think I'm really sure about??  
I did discover something though.  When I watched the full video, aware that the thief would be there, I was able to observe him AND get the count.  But that was only because I'd been forewarned and knew exactly what to watch for. 


Erin Jane said...

You're back on the internet! Yay! I went to Hawaii on the 5th of November, were you still there? - I was so happy to hear about the temple trip that you were able to take when you were there. Annie, I miss him! So so much! I'm glad that we keep in touch. Love you!

Erin Jane said...

Ok, I just read more of your comments on my blog...#1. Blake's parents are Karen Alexander and Blake Baxter. How do you know them? Blake is quickly becoming one of my new favorite people so I hope you like him/them! haha and #2. Piper does not have a sister. Not YET anyway, but probably in May. (If all goes as planned, my sister is very nervous because she recently miscarried- but so far both she and the baby are very very healthy). OH IM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!

Annie said...

Hey E J. We were in Hawaii until Nov 3rd--so we JUST missed each other. I think I asked about a sis for Piper because of the baby-in-the-pumpkin pictures you'd posted. I'm so happy there's another little person on the way though. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Annie. That is so amazing that you know Blakey. Karen was one of my Laurels when we lived in CA. Then a while before Gavin was born, she and Blake moved back into the ward when they were first married. I think Blakey's grandpa sewed up Gav's chin one time when he needed stitches. And Blakey's dad served with Greg in the EQ presidency. I KNEW he looked familiar. He looks just like his mom, dad and Grandma Alexander! Small world.

lyn. said...

Oh dear, I am one of those teachers that has actually given that test before, but on April Fool's Day, not to embarrass anyone...

I got 25 the first time I watched the video. Close, but no bananas... }-:

Annie said...

Lyn, I'm sure you're students have fun your April Fool's Day test. I'm not a good one to judge by. I was a perfectionistic little twerp.

25 isn't too shabby. But did you catch the big banana taking the statue?

Heather said...

OHHHHH!!! I want to come over and watch this show with you when it airs!

I'm Natalie. said...

I got it right AND I saw the robber!!!!!


Annie said...

10 extra points to the Queen and her mighty photographer's eye.

You do rock, my dear.