The magic of PhotoShop

The Eyes of Aaron from Aaron Nace on Vimeo.
Actually, I think the title of this post is a misnomer, because while PhotoShop is a very cool tool--like any tool, it can only be as magic as the person who is wielding it. In this case, the master is Aaron Nace, whose work I discovered through his girlfriend Rosie Hardy (whose work you have already seen here and here). I recommend checking out their site.  They're young and still in love with possibility; their work is hip, creative and avant guard. And their blog is fun.  You'll be glad you clicked.


Heather said...


Freddie said...

ohhh cool , i love the eyes changing,, it changes his nationality.

shelly said...

OH! That was so AWESOME! I loved this.

lyn. said...

But a little spooky, too... LOL

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be creative when you copy other people's work and don't give the credit. See the proof here :

They have a whole team who help then with the photos.

It's all fake