Get me outta here!

This is pretty much how I've been feeling for a while.  Can't quite seem to lift myself up and out of the drink.  I guess this is the one time that it's good to see the glass as half empty?  Acutally, I'm afraid that my glass is much closer to full than this one.  Don't you sometimes wish that someone would come along and drop you a ladder--or at least lend a hand?  I used to love the story of the Shoemaker and the Elves.  I'd get so excited when the elves snuck in to fix everything up for the poor little cobbler.  Young as I was, I would always just sigh with relief when he came in the next morning to all those beautifully made shoes.  Well, fairy tales and wishes don't seem to be getting me anywhere.  I guess I'd better start rocking and rolling.  Maybe I can get this glass to tip over and I can crawl out. It's ridiculous keep waiting for elves or ladders or for the water to evaporate. 
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eva ♥ on flicker


lyn. said...

I know all about it! There are times when I get out of one glass and find myself right back in another one...

shelly said...

I relate.