Dream on.

True story:

The first time I had a flying dream I was in high school. In this dream, I could only fly if I was holding the hand of a certain very popular girl. If you let go of her hand, you would immediately drop to the earth.  Hmph.  High school.

This photo is also from the amazing
Rosie Hardie. Just in case you didn't have time to check out her work last time around, here's another chance. I'm tellin you, she's a find. Her work, that is. Can't say I know Rosie. Though I bet she's a gem. I wonder if she dreams of flying. Probably doesn't have to. You can tell she's cool. 
And popular, I bet.

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lyn. said...

I did look last time and this was one of my favorites!

Where do you ever find all this good stuff...