Longing to hold him

To all of you who have been so supportive,
loving and prayerful
(and patient while I've been unable to access
the internet),
Thank you.
From the deepest parts of my weary heart.
Thank you for your love.
And your prayers
and emails and blog comments,
and your tears.
Mostly for your tears.
As we weep together,
I feel your love and it lifts me through this trial.

I am spending my days and nights
holding my own baby
while she longs to hold hers.

I've written several posts in my heart.
I'll start posting them . . .
Today I need to take my baby to the beach
and let the sun warm her lonely arms.
You understand, I know.
Love you.
And yes,
God is good!
And His purposes are just
and perfect.


Gretchen said...


You have been the guiding angel of strength for Natalie and so many of us. Heavenly Father knew you were the one to teach her so that as a mother she could believe and share these truths with so many.
I love you.

Sarah said...

Annie I am so glad you have posted. My thoughts, prayers, and tears have been with you, Natalie, and family. Oh how I wanted to be in Laie last Wednesday. You are strong. Natalie is strong. God is good. Love and hugs from Provo.