A Magnificent Milestone

Our beautiful, smart, talented, tenacious, loving, generous, and truly gifted Jenny will graduate from the University of Utah on May 8th. It's been a long road with many unexpected detours, but she has determinedly stuck with her dream to graduate and we are so, so proud of her. Jenny, when I saw this video, it made me think of you. If you can accomplish all that you've just accomplished, you can do anything! 
JENNY, you are a ROCK STAR ! 
to see what you'll make happen next!


Anonymous said...

Great video and Jenny I am really proud of you too. I was not sucessful in returning to school, but happy that my daughter is achieving that goal, though at a lower level than yourself.
I will be counting on Annie to keep me updated, so Congratulations!
I guess I can call myself your "far removed Aunt" by marriage.
Love, Gretchen

shelly said...

Congratulations, Jenny! A GREAT accomplishment!

slavin said...

Good job Jen! What an amazing accomplishment! I always knew you could master this mountain and you did. Now, on to the next goal to conquer....what shall that be? The options are endless and you have the ability within yourself to achieve so much with your time here on earth. You've already proven you believe in yourself, so go out there and see what else you can do. I love you and am extremly proud of you.


Jen said...

Annie, I watch this little video almost every day! Thank you so much for such a wonderful tribute! I brightens my day and keeps me inspired! I LOVE you!

xoxo, jen