Hungry for summer

I am not posting this picture because of it's high photo quality.
It's here because of it's high I'm-longing-for-this qualities.
I'm ready to drink from the sprinkler
and walk barefoot across the lawn.
I'm ready to watch sun peek through the trees
lay in the hammock
wake up to bird song
feel sun-pinked shoulders
smell teriyaki salmon on the grill
listen to the stream and grand baby giggles
sleep out on the tramp,
hear crickets sing
and watch a distant star fling itself across the sky.
I am ready.  For.  Summer.

Right now.

Would the wind and the cold please stop already?

Photo:  Lincoln, Cardon & Lily, front lawn.
Way, way, waaaaaay last summer.


lyn. said...

I love that everyone else is saying spring, and you're already saying summer...

I'm with you!!

shelly said...


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