This morning I sent an email to some family members about arrangements for the sale of our mom and dad's home. Notice my typo. What a crybaby.

Annie Link wrote:
I just wrote a check from our personal account to H-- E-- in the amount of $X,XXX.00 to pay for painting at Dad's house. I will either reimburse myself out of Dad's account, or wail until we close on the house to collect these funds.


Heather said...

AHHhahahahah! Oh Annie, I'm so sorry! There's been way too much wailing in your life as of late. Love you!


lyn. said...

I like it better the way you wrote it... LOL

Gretzbabi said...

Yes you do a much better job! Just laughed at the photo, been there done that! hee hee hee!
Love ya Cuz! Faith heals all and puts us in the right place!Prayers are with the kids, sure hope it is small for everyone involved!

Michael-Paul said...

That is my Link. No grey area! No pinning down jellow!
It is what it is. I miss you guys dearly and will call you
as so as I loose 15 lbs MP