Earl's List

So, I'm finally getting around to cleaning off my kitchen counters and table. Can you tell how hard I'm working on it? I mean, blogging is especially important to getting the job done right. A-n-y-w-a-a-y, I just ran across my scribbles from our church talks two weeks ago. Two husbands spoke about keeping love strong in a marriage. I liked that neither of them got all preachy on the subject. They were just regular guys--not Perfect Husbands, in fact, but honest and clearly trying. Earl shared a list of a few things he's trying to improve. (I'm going to remember this the next time I have to give a talk in sacrament meeting: Lists are good. Especially when they're honest--and succinct enough to squeeze into the white space on the program.)

So, here's Earl's list:

1. When we're having a fight: remember, at the end of the day, she wants the same things I do.
2. It is more important to be loving than to be right.
3. When we have a little free time together, discuss Interesting Things. Kids and finances are not Interesting Things.
5. Say hello and good bye--and take time to touch while you do.
6. Look good for your wife. He explained this one: "I probably look better to Julie when I'm taking out the trash or loading the dishwasher."
7. Pray with her so she can hear me say thank you to God for her.

I've been thinking about how I can customize Earl's list for the way I treat Greg. I wonder if he knows how often I thank God for him? I wonder if I look better to him when I'm clearing off the kitchen counter?


slavin said...

I like # 6. Good list.

Damaris said...

I love this post and I love this list. I too need to be better at so many things. I am often soooo tiered from nursing an infant and running around a 3 year old and taking care of my teeanage sister and my 50 year old mother that I end up majorly neglecting my husband. it's so bad. I really want to be a better wife

Richie said...

"kids and finances are not interesting things."

a to the men

Richie said...

PS. You're funnier than usual. I've giggled a lot reading your blog tonight "I wonder if I look better to him when I'm clearning off the kitchen counter?"


I bet you look best to him when you take those dumb dogs out in the snow to poo.

Richie said...

oh. . . that was me. Natalie. Richie HATES it when I do that on accident.

Bridget said...

I'm pretty sure I look incredibly sexy while cleaning off my counter. It's my husband's favorite thing for me to do. ha haha.