Looking forward to a great weekend.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning to coyote howls and had to get up and look for kitty; make sure she was safely inside. Of course she was. But just in case that wasn't enough to wake me up for the day--I stumbled downstairs to the stench of yet another sewage ejection pump problem. It's a brand new system, for heaven's sake. It turns out the main line (this is a large, 3-inch pipe, friends) had vibrated itself loose somehow. So, I'm down there in my robe and flip flops (rubber souls supremely important at this point) trying to jimmy the line back into place when Greg gets up and flushes the toilet three stories above me. Keep in mind here that a shower isn't an option at this point. I'll spare you more detail.
But I do plan to have a great weekend. 2008 taxes are finally finished. The virus from Hades has abated. I'm not off to London after all, which is good news. The sun is shining, the mountains are vibrant with color, and we're off to spend time with baby Ireland and her big brother Cole. I'm think I'm about due for loving me up some grand babies. It'll be good medicine.
Oh, and yes, the plumber has already come. And conquered. And so shall I.


erikUNDerin said...

That painting makes my heart skip a beat! What a beautiful mind! So interesting and unique. I miss him. I have been enjoying your posts about him lately.
Oh I just noticed that I can sort of see your reflection taking the picture! I miss you too! Love you!
-Erin Jane

Annie said...

Erin Jane, I saw that reflection too and loved it. Not the best shot. You should see the piece in person. His attention to detail (even on this little 'thing' that he scribbled out while waiting for Greg and I one evening in Jackson Hole) is so heart warming. Those are acorns falling out of the old man's pack, and that's also an acorn hanging from the umbrella handle.
Miss you too, sweet lady.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture. Gavin -- what a talent!
I'm SO glad your flu is going away. The sewer problem....well, that sounds absolutely disgusting and horrible. I'm glad you're getting to go play with babies. It WILL do you good. Have FUN!

shelly said...

That comment was me, Shelly, by the way!

Annie said...

Thanks Shelly! I was trying to figure out who had left that loving comment :). Hope we can see you this weekend! Mwa!