Felt Tip Sketch - Gavin Link, 2003

General conference weekend with a beautiful full moon, and I found myself missing Gavin a lot more than usual. We always made this weekend a time to gather, just the four of us, so there are a lot of poignant memories.


Heather said...

I love General Conference weekend! Did Gavin do this picture? I'd LOVE a copy to hang in Cole's room...wouldn't it make a great coloring book page, too?

Annie said...

Thanks for noticing Heather! Yes, that is one of Gavin's doodles. It's got a fun Halloween feel, doesn't it? He was on his way out the door--to give it to someone--and I made him stop and let me take a picture of it. I'm so glad I did! (I wonder who ended up with it . . . or if it still exists??)

shelly said...

SUCH talent. I was thinking of your family General Conference weekends yesterday. Love you.