Guest Blogger: Natalie Norton.

Natalie here.

Mom wanted me to be a guest blogger.

I said "no mom, that's stupid."

Have a great Monday anyway!




Heather said...

Why is that stupid? I really wish you would've told me it was stupid when I asked you.

I love you Annie!

PebbleCreek said...

Annie and Natalie,
I love you both and hope that someday maybe Tiffany and I can share the same fun loving spirits that you do.

jdprice said...

I agree with Heather

shelly said...

Stupid is as Stupid does...

Natalie. said...

ha ha ha. I told her, "if you don't write on your own blog, why would I?" Let's just remember that the last time she blogged was back in February people.

Natalie. said...

I love you mommy!

ps. I really don't think she knows I even blogged here. for real.

shelly said...

We all love you, Annie! And Nat-Nat!