My Happy Thoughts

The La'ie 4th of July Gang
Waiting for Ireland
Wrapped around his little finger.

A little Gavin in the oven.
Our newest big brother.

Happy thoughts--keep thinkin' happy thoughts.
No sense in letting the mind go anywhere else.
No sense at all.


lyn. said...

How could you not have happy thoughts?
What a beautiful family!!
I love having grandkids...

P.S. Laie is definitely one of my happiest thoughts...

Erin Jane said...

Annie!! I would love to make you an Erin Jane invitation of some kind! HAHA. We need to plan a big birthday bash for Gavin (the one coming soon). I love to celebrate! Love you!
PS my heart misses my dear friend Gavin very much this summer. AAAHHH (sigh) I wish I could tell him how great he is today.

shelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these pictures! Priceless. Each one has such a story behind it that I can imagine about. So awesome, Annie! Happy, happy thoughts, for sure!

andreamatrix said...

I so much wanted to talk to you after Gretchen's baptism, but I was taking photos at that reception and had to get to it. I have been "stalking" your blog for a while now and wanted you to know how much I enjoy your honesty and appreciate the way you share your healing process with others. What a marvelous speaker you are! I would have given anything for a pen and a notebook. Gretchen is very blessed to have you in her circle of family.