Where have you been?

Its been a L O N G time! The old me would have been frantic at not having left a post in such a long time, but, well, she deconstructed about a year ago and this new person (who's very unrecognizable to the old me) is happy to let things go when she needs a break. Thanks for asking about my absence. I love you too. So glad you all have rich and full lives outside of this silly blog!

So, where have I been?

Laguna Beach and a birthday bash for Jen

Disneyland with the Norton Crew

Laguna Niguel for Coleman's christening

Carlsbad to visit Pop

4 wks in Alpine, hosting Natalie and Richie's crew

55th Birthday (yes, I'm that old!)

1 year anniversary of Gavin's death (the 17th of June)

2 wks in Sedona, AZ, training in Sedona Method Coaching

Goodyear, AZ to visit Bart and Gretchen

and finally, home again, to mountains of laundry, mail, dust-and my own pillow.


Heather said...

YAY! You're alive and well! I missed you immensely! I'm glad you've been having a fun summer! xoxoxoxoxoxxoox

lyn. said...

I am so glad you're back!
I've really missed you...

P.S. I think I have you by at least three years. LOL

shelly said...

You've been missed so much! I'm really happy you're back, Annie. Also - one more thing...while you were gone, Luanne said that she came to believe she truly IS a genius! Hahaha! I think she read that each day that you were away:) You know - positive reinforcement!

They call me Annie said...

Ha! Ha! Great idea Shelly! I'm going to do a post that says: Annie and Shelly, you're geniuses! and leave it up for a month or so. Think it would help?

shelly said...

Well it sure couldn't hurt, is my guess!