I've been told that the human mind cannot accurately remember pain.
I discovered tonight that this is a lie.

Tonight, I tried to watch the video Natalie posted about
pertussis--whooping cough,
the violent virus
that snatched our precious baby Gavin
from our family.

I could not bring myself to listen.
I had to play the video with the sound turned off.
But even that wasn't enough.
The pain, the helplessness, the anguish,
the shock, the despair,
the devastation . . .
all washed over me with a renewed vengeance.
The pain, as searing--as soul piercing--as it had been when
I stood helpless, trying to
comfort my suffering baby grandson
and his brave momma.

Please don't force another family to endure this.
Please vaccinate yourself against this disease.
It is making a return.
Protect our fragile little ones
from it's ravages.
Vaccinate yourself.


lyn. said...

Thanks for the reminder, Annie!! I told myself that I was going to go right out and do that, but I haven't yet...

P.S. It's lovely to hear from you again!! :-D

Krista Hansen said...

Got mine on January 8th. I think about your family every day. Sending you my love and hugs!

Annie Link said...

Thanks Krista!! We need them--and we feel them!