Your Prayers, Please.

This is my beloved friend Sandy.
She has been at my side through
triumph and tragedy,
laughter and tears.
Her son Nate is fighting cancer
and is undergoing surgery today.
He has a beautiful little family who love and need him,
and I'm afraid he's going to need a miracle
if he's going to be able to stay around to raise them.
Will you help us pray for one?


shelly said...

I sure will. I believe in miracles!

Annie said...

Thank you, Shelly. I love you.

lyn. said...

Of course...

Erin Jane said...

I thought and prayed about this all day. Love you Annie, you are a great person!

Annie said...

Thanks Erin and Lyn. Turns out Nate's surgery is Wednesday. I'll let you know how things go. Keep your prayers coming!