Dreadfully sorry.

Dearest Raleigh, Cardon, Lincoln and Cole,
     Mum says I'm to tell you she's dreadfully sorry, but with jet lag and the laundry to be done, not to mention bills to be paid and the lou pump out again . . . well, we're just going to have to wait a little longer for pics from our trip.  She did promise me that next week, she'd hop right on it though.  With pictures from London (including more of me way up in the sky! howdya like that, huh?) plus photos of me riding the Tube, eating pancakes in Amsterdam, museum hopping in Paris and bicycling 'round the French countryside, well, as for me, I'm thinking it'll all be worth the wait after all, don't you think?

Till then, so sorry to disappoint, but what's a bear to do?
Ta ta for now,

p.s.  Oh! And we've also had a fluffy tailed squirrel at the bird feeder, PLUS a nest of baby robins outside Mum's shower window.  I'll be lying in wait with the camera for shots of all this excitement.  It's so good to be home!  Oh, how I wish you were here. -PB


Gretzbabi said...

glad Mum is home for now, we missed her! Take your time, we have nothing but time, and your trip sounds like one to dream of! Love ya

lyn. said...

Jolly good that you are all back safe and sound!!

Can't wait for Annie to have a go at getting things sorted out so she can start blogging again...

I'm Natalie. said...

ha ha!

Kevin Lavin said...

I LOVE how that little bear is in all of the pictures! He reminds me of that Travelocity Gnome! :)

slavin said...

This is to cute! haha It will be fun when Cole can understand what I'm reading to him.